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Creative Writing

Memoir and Personal Essay

sp14adult: Memoir and Personal Essay

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Sarah Leavens
March 24 - May 19 (No Class on April 14)
$210 members / $235 non-members

This class focuses on two of the most popular and prolific sub-genres of creative nonfiction. We’ll talk about what it means to write from the “I”, covering pertinent issues such as voice (you’ll develop yours!), truth and memory, and connecting personal stories to larger cultural contexts. In addition we will discuss the craft techniques of creative nonfiction. We will explore these topics through readings and lots of hands-on practice in this 8-week class. Students will emerge from the class with a body of work, an expanded reading consciousness, a writer’s journal and an opportunity to participate in a public reading.

Class will not meet on April 14th.

Telling Stories: Fiction Writing Workshop

sp14adult: Telling Stories

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Adam Reger
April 9 - May 21

In this seven-week fiction workshop, students will be given time and space to focus on improving their writing, building confidence and developing the discipline needed to produce finished stories. Students will write works of fiction and present their short stories or excerpts from longer works for comment and discussion in class. In addition, students will read and discuss assigned texts by published authors, both established and emerging. Each class meeting will include in-class writing time, using a “warm up” exercise and then a longer exercise that will be focused on a specific aspect of fiction writing, such as point of view, character development, or tone. This class is open to writers of all backgrounds whose goal is to improve their fiction writing.

Seven Solo Exhibits

February 7

February 7-April 20, 2014
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Galleries

Work by Robert Qualters, Ian Brill, Keith Lemley, Daniel Luchman, Jennifer Myers, Meghan Olson and John Sanders.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Library Conversation Series - Online Marketing

February 5

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Library Conversation Series Presents:

Online Marketing for Creative Projects with Alexandra Kanik

Learn the best ways to utilize social media as a free marketing tool and gain a wider audience and distribution for your creative work!

Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 7pm in the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Library

PF/PCA - Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions 2015

February 18

DEADLINE: July 14, 2014
PF/PCA is accepting application from artists living in a 150-mile radius of Pittsburgh for solo and collaborative exhibitions during the 2015 calendar year. This opportunity is open to artists working in any visual discipline including 2D, 3D, installation and time based work.

Origami in the Gallery

December 21

Please join us in folding origami cranes capturing the essence of this holiday season, a symbol of peace, as we send the prayer of peace throughout the world. Take a moment out of your busy schedule, pause for peace to spread joy this holiday season. Saturday December 21st, from 2 to 4 pm.


John Sanders

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 7, 2014 to April 20, 2014

This exhibit consists of several paintings and sculptures that are, in part, a continuation of Sanders' previous exhibit Indivisibler, where textures and materials fuse together to generate an association between the human body and art.

A Mind of Winter

Meghan Olson

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 27, 2014 to April 20, 2014

Comprised of sculptural pieces installed on the floor and wall of the gallery, Olson employs phenomena and processes found in nature (gravity, pressure, expansion, saturation) to materials such as paper, styrofoam, wood, glass, metal.

Women in Time

Jennifer Myers

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 7, 2014 to April 20, 2014

This series of sculptures and photographs is a tribute to the unknown women who've gone through life unrecognized, under-appreciated, and never awarded a trophy.

Replica of the Universe Methodology

Daniel Luchman

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 7, 2014 to April 20, 2014

This conceptual installation revolves around mapping and the relationship between the physical and cultural reality of a particular city, neighborhood, or landscape.

Past Presence

Keith Lemley

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 7, 2014 to April 20, 2014

In this sculptural installation, Lemley uses hemlock and cedar root masses with white neon. He incorporates roots from uprooted trees near his home, and neon to highlight and embellish areas of the wood and also to imagine new areas for growth.


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